Can widget open itself after X seconds?

Hey LiveCaller community.

I like your product so much!

How can I open LiveCaller’s widget itself after 8 seconds?
I want my visitors to call and chat with me more proactively, so I think, opening widget automatically would help it.

Hello, in the widget code after the

LiveCaller.config.merge({widget: {id: "your_widget_id"}, app: {locale: "en"}});

Insert this code:

if (!sessionStorage.getItem('lc_last_auto_open')) {
        setTimeout(function () {
          sessionStorage.setItem('lc_last_auto_open', new Date().toString())
        }, 3000)

where 3000 is the number of milliseconds, for example if your want to open the widget on the website after 1 second make this number 1000