How can I add LiveCaller widget in different languages?


I have installed LiveCaller widget, it works fine but I want to add different languages.
Currently I have English version installed, also German version generated in Dashboard.
I want to add German version as well on my web-page, in case my web-page is opened in German language.

How can I do it?

Please find the following part in the widget:
LiveCaller.config.merge({app: {locale: 'en'}});
Change the locale language - en accordingly, if it’s German use ‘de’, you can pass any language code using SO 639-1 Language Codes to the widget and it’s language will change accordingly. ( Spanish - es, Georgian - ka, Russian - ru, Hebrew - he, and etc.)

also you can change the language of the widget dynamically by calling this function:
LiveCaller.$emit('app.locale.update', 'de');

In case your web-page has language slugs in domain like,

You can use Tag Manager.
Launch German version if URL includes /de/
Launch English version if URL includes /en/ OR launch English version if URL does not include /de/.
It all depends on your page structure.