Not getting notified when a call comes in

Hi, i’m not getting any indication when a call or chat is coming in .
any tips?


what do you mean by not getting the indication? you are not hearing the sound? have you enabled browser notifications? for more clarity please send us a small screen recording of the issue if possible at [email protected] and we will be able to help you

Regards Giga

All sorted thanks. It was just the good-ol re-start the computer.

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Hi we have the same problem too.

We have the alert notification for desktop enabled. When we place a call - only 1 of 3 members gets the notification? This is before any chat was started, just straight away with the CALL button. Mine was working fine yesterday, but not right now. Are calls and chats autoassigned somehow to one person?

Also - for callback requests, any chance we could get a push desktop and email notification? Right now we can only see it if we go to callback tab or notice the bell with a red dot on the top right hand corner.

A pre-fill form would be excellent too ie name, email and phone number.


browser notifications should be triggered in the event of new call or chat, the rest depends on OS system and it’s desktop notification setup and permissions

Calls are not auto assigned, unless an agent will press the answer button manually, chats are auto assigned but that can be changed, by default setup 3 simultaneous chats will be automatically distributed per each agent, for instance if 2 agents are online then 6 chats will be distributed automatically in total. This auto distribution number can be changed, please send us a request to [email protected], if you have busy customer contact center we recommend to increase, if not number may be decreased.

Browser notifications are not supported for callback request at this moment, you have to check them with the “bell” in the top right corner or in the callbacks tab.

Pre-fill form is possible, but also you have to send us a request for that, we are working to develop it in the widget side so you have the control for the prefilled form