Pre Authorisation Form

Anyway we could embed a form into chat that requests Name, Email and Phone Number as a required field for now?

Just in case, we miss a conversation - at least we have their details that we can follow up with.


Yes we have the support for that, but not yet transferred in the dashboard interface so you can’t manage yourself, we are working on it thou, in the meantime to have such feature you have to send a request to us via email and we will setup it for you

Thanks for setting this up - works! :smiley:

What e-mail do we use to contact someone about this and one other thing that we were told would need to be manually done? I can’t seem to find a way to contact anyone either on the app page or the community pages here.

[email protected] - or you can always start the chat, leave your email and we will reply to you.

The ‘start chat’ didn’t seem to work for me and the e-mail form gave a server error. I did manually send an e-mail to the address you provided though. Thank you.